You deserve a functional and transparent online advertising marketplace, so we created Influence.

Influence is a demand-side platform (DSP) specifically designed to meet the needs of the political market.

Influence is an ad distribution platform that has been delivering over a Billion impressions per month for leading global brands since 2010.

Influence began in 2010 as an online ad distribution platform. We are using that digital infrastructure, and the corresponding relationships with ad exchanges, networks, and publishers, to power a demand side platform (DSP) that solves a problem in the political market. Our hyper-local targeting model achieves a reach and velocity previously unattainable in the political sphere.

Individual Campaigns

Influence enables targeted ad buys across multiple platforms, from Facebook to Google to specific websites and broader online ad networks.

State Parties/Dem Umbrella Orgs (i.e. DGA, DNC, etc.)

Influence can power your organization’s online advertising, and you can license the platform for use by the campaigns that make up your constituency.

Congressional Offices

Influence’s campaign capabilities also position the product as an effective and trustworthy tool for online Franked communications.


Influence lowers the cost of running and managing online ad campaigns. For TV consultants, Influence will reinforce your campaigns’ broadcast messages. For digital consultants, we offer a white-labeled solution, powered by Influence.

Non-Profits/Advocacy Groups

Influence serves your core business — your constant campaigns, daily fundraising, and ongoing list-building. When you need to engage on your signature issues, around elections or crucial votes, Influence permits you to reach your target audience with the message that moves the needle.

Political Technology Platforms

Influence provides ad market access, which improves your product offerings and your fundraising techniques.

Influence curates a high-volume, transparent network of publishers with an engaged audience and offers advertisers unique content opportunities that will make an impression. We offer all industry standard video ad delivery targeting and trafficking options, as well as all IAB ad formats. Our in-house ad server and unique trafficking software, compounded with aggressive use of leading-edge open source solutions, allows us to provide extremely competitive pricing.

We have proprietary tracking technology that proactively stops unauthorized ad delivery. We act aggressively to protect advertiser value and have zero tolerance for publisher fraud. When you run a campaign with Influence, you get completely transparent, real-time analytics.